The International Engineering Student Summit (IESS)  is a platform for students across various engineering disciplines around the world to come together, discuss pressing issues, and formulate action plans to reach potential resolutions through international culture exchange, industry-academia interaction and collaboration. 












The International Engineering Student Summit (IESS) is the World's Largest Student Gathering which offers the opportunity to engage in discourse regarding the changes that can be brought about, to uplift and enable the evolution of the current form of education in rural and urban regions.

As the main theme is ‘Transformation in Learning Technologies’ , It is very imperative to engage in dialogues on technology influenced learning, especially at a time when technology is significantly shifting the paradigm of knowledge acquisition and dissemination. The theme is tailor-made for such a global event as it requires the collaborative efforts of students across the borders in taking an important step in this endeavor. The theme also provides an interesting possible arena of thoughts that can lead to various practical projects and solutions.

Technology Empowered Rural Education


Providing equal education is a responsibility for global citizens. The contrasting educational standards in urban and rural regions is of great concern. This track is designed to encourage students to get involved in analyzing rural education or similar low-resource settings and make improvements using modern technologies.

Improving the quality of education is an integral part in the development of a nation. It is the responsibility of every country to ensure that each and every citizen receives quality education, however, in many rural regions, it is regarded as a privilege rather than a necessity.

A major reason for this state is the deficiency of access to technology. This creates a never-ending cycle of illiteracy and lack of opportunities that stem from being unequipped to participate in a competitive world. By analyzing the flaws in the existing system of governance, and hypothesizing potential solutions could take us one step closer to its resolution.

Futuristic Learning for Sustainable Education


With the world seeking sustainability in every facet of life, it is necessary to create a sustainable education possibly with futuristic learning methods. In this track, the students are urged to brainstorm and develop visionary concepts that can become a reality very soon.

In the current fast-paced environment, it is essential to constantly strive for growth and sustainability. This can be achieved by elevating contemporary learning methodologies with the implementation of futuristic learning trends. It is of vital importance to engage in a dialogue that could bring about efficient strategies and solutions to overcome such gaps in our system. 

The forum shall emphasize on discussing concepts and out-of-the-box ideas that could aid in the realization of these goals.



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